PTS is the result of all of the hard work invested by our past boards. Our organization would not be what it is today without their passion and dedication. With that, we give all our thanks and gratitude to those who have made PTS the home and family that we know now. 

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Past Boards

2015 - 2016

Co-Presidents: William Wang (LSM '17) & Michael Tzeng (C '17)

External VP: Isabel Zhu (W '18)

Internal VP: Angi Ji (C '17)

Co-Programming VPs: Miru Osuga (C' 18) & Connie Chen (E' 18)

Financial VP: Yu Wang (W' 17)

Cultural VP: Kyle Su (E '18)

External/Financial Chair: Michael Hongjin An (C' 18)

Internal Chair: Theresa Lin (C' 19)

Co-Social Chairs: Nora Tan (W '19) & Kaiwui Ye (C' 18)

Marketing Chair: Kate Jeon (C '18)

Co-Cultural Creative Chairs: Kristy Hsi (C '19) & Stefanie Wang (C '19)

Cultural Logistics Chair: Barry Chiu (W' 19)

2014 - 2015

Co-Presidents: Franklin Jeng (C '15) & Isaac Lin (E '15)

External VP: William Wang (W '17)

Internal VP: Sheila Deng (W '15)

Programming VP: Linshia Luan (W '17)

Financial VP: Angi Ji (C '17)

Cultural VP: Yu Wang (W '17)

External/Financial Chair: Jerry Chang (E '18)

Internal/Cultural Logistics Chair: Michael Tzeng (C '17)

Co-Social Chairs: Connie Chen (E '18) & Carolyn Yang (W '18)

Publicity Chair: Miru Osuga (C '18)

Co-Cultural Creative Chairs: Kyle Su (E '18) & Bianca Hsing (C '17)